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Below are pics of our more recent projects. Most are before and after in order to give you a better idea of the scope of work we provide. Call us today for your free estimate at 407-312-3690.

Closet Relocation Remodel

Closet Relocation/Remodel
Closet Relocation/Remodel - Before
Closet Relocation/Remodel - After

This was truly a fun project for us. It required that we move the closet access door from the bathroom into the hallway for easier access for the client. We were able to reuse the existing shelves and closet door, which helped to keep the cost down. We were also able to match the existing texture, base boards, and paint for a seemless transition.

Ceiling Damage from Leaky Roof

Bedroom Cieling Repair from Leaky Roof
Bedroom Cieling Repair - Before
Bedroom Cieling Repair - After

This is a great example of a low slope roof leak that went on way too long. The leak evolved into wood rot in the joists, drywall damage, and burnt electrical wires. It required reframing the joists, adding low slope GAF weather shield and roll roofing, adding new insulation, redoing the drywall, texture, and painting.

Soffit Repair

Soffit Repairs
Soffit Repairs - Before
Soffit Repairs - After

This was an aluminum soffit that had blown down during a wind storm. The brackets were originally installed with the incorrect fasteners, which caused them to rust out over time. We had to replace the tracks, fasteners and soffit panels.

Duplex Exterior Painting

Duplex Exterior Painting
Duplex Exterior Painting - Before
Duplex Exterior Painting - After

This duplex needed a fresh coat of paint…10 years ago! Because of the neglect, we had to replace wood, caulk cracks, repair stucco, pressure wash, scrub and paint to get it back to its original glory. We did such a great job that the client insisted on signing up for our preventative maintenance program where we go back every year to inspect the exterior to ensure no more water damage occurs.

Popcorn Ceiling Repair

Popcorn Cieling Repair
Popcorn Cieling Repair - Before
Popcorn Cieling Repair - After

This popcorn ceiling was located in a garage. Over time, Florida’s humidity and heat took its toll. There was a small leak in roof, which allowed water to seep into the attic. The water worked its way through the drywall ceiling and popcorn; causing it to fall. We had to remove sections of the drywall ceiling, patch, prime, texture, and paint.

Flower Bed Preperation, Debris Removal, & Stone Wall Installation

Flower Bed Landscaping
Flower Bed Landscaping - Before
Flower Bed Landscaping - After

This project involved preparing a flower bed for the Spring. We removed all of the winter leaves and weeds, placed landscaping fabric, added mulch, and a stone wall. Our client enjoyed a stress-free, fresh flower bed to start their seasonal planting.

Fence Panel Replacement

Fence Panel Repair & Replacement
Fence Panel Repair & Replacement - Before
Fence Panel Repair & Replacement - After

This project started with us removing an old, rotten wooden fence. We removed the fence panels and posts and installed a beautiful white vinyl fence post and panel system.

Tree Trimming & Branch Removal

Tree Trimming & Branch Removal
Tree Trimming & Branch Removal - Before
Tree Trimming & Branch Removal - After

Tree trimming seems to be a never ending process here in Florida. We get a lot of calls from people with small tree trimming projects. This was an oak tree that took us about four hours to trim. We loaded up the branches and hauled them off to the landfill.

Deck Board Replacement & Pressure Washing

Deck Board Replacement & Pressure Washing
Deck Board Replacement & Pressure Washing - Before
Deck Board Replacement & Pressure Washing - After

This project involved removing some rotten deck boards. After removing the deck boards we found some damaged joists. So we replaced two joists, seven deck boards, pressure washed and treated.

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